Vini Solar

The Sun is the ultimate source of energy for the Earth. We can capture this free energy to help offset our energy demands. In 1839, Henri Becquerel discovered the photo-voltaic effect that converted sunlight directly into electricity. Today, efficient photo-voltaic panels are available that are capable of generating energy. In the 21st century, we can solar panels on our roofs to generate useful power to overcome the issue of energy crisis.

Benefits of going solar:

Reduced Electricity Costs
With your own rooftop solar power generation, you can control your electricity cost. You can save on your electricity bill and that will depend on the size of your rooftop solar power system. You will still draw some power from the utility grid, but electricity cost will drastically reduce. At Vini, we will design a solar system that can efficiently meet your energy demands and determine the optimal utility rate structure so that you can also save on your electricity cost.

Excess Power to Offset Electricity Costs
When your solar power system generates more electricity than your immediate energy consumption, the excess power flows back to the utility grid and your meter literally spins backward. Most electricity companies will credit you for this extra generated electricity. Vini helps installing the NET metering system that allows consumer to take advantage of the excess power to offset electricity costs.

Negligible Maintenance
Once installed a solar power system hardly require any rigorous maintenance. Very little upkeep, like cleaning the dust from the panel, is required. Vini continually monitors the system and makes sure it keeps working smoothly. In case of a problem, the service team will reach the site to address the necessary technical issue.

Why Vini?
Vini Solar strives for excellence and helps design customized solar energy solutions that can best meet the requirements of the client. We believe in continuous improvement and incorporate the latest technology for the benefit of customers. We understand the energy scenario in the country, and endeavor to address specific requirements of our residential, institutional and industrial clients. We focus on solutions that are the most efficient, cost-effective as well as in compliance with the government’s policies.

Our Strengths
Outstanding Quality: We have committed and professional workforce, and maintain stringent quality standards of products, devices and equipment, used in designing a rooftop solar power system.

Competitive Price: We assure you of delivering solar panels and other products and also implementing them in your project without compromising on quality. We maintain competitive cost because of our technical innovative competence and relationships with the system suppliers. We ensure a reduced life cycle cost of all solar rooftop projects.

Innovation: We focus on innovative solutions that distinguish us from our competitors and this is one reason why we are emerging as a preferred solar power implementation partners for a number of clients across the nation.

Our Services & Focus Area
We are specialized and have the expertise and capabilities in setting up solar photo-voltaic (PV) Power Plants of all scales on EPC or turnkey basis. We design and implements rooftop solar power projects from the start to installation, and we also offer regular or on-demand maintenance.
Our highly qualified professionals use the best components and employ the cutting edge technologies to deliver the best results at a competitive cost.

The Services We Undertake:
 Site Inspection
 System Design
 Structural & Electrical Design & Engineering
 Civil Works
 Procurement & Supply
 Installation, Testing & Commissioning
 Plant Operation & Maintenance