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Welcome to our Vini

Vini Lights is a Venture of ITS 7Ps Group of companies, is now entering into the latest field of LED lighting and VINI Smart Homes. 

Vini Lighting Solutions is introducing the latest in the field of LED lighting under the brand name VINI to address the basic need to the country in Power Conservation. VINI believes in the adage, Power Saved is Power Generated which also reflects in the punch line “BIJLEE BACHAYE ROSHNI BADHAYE”. VINI is bringing into Indian market the LED lighting which is energy saving, efficient and also intelligent. The range of lighting solutions will address the needs of Domestic as well as commercial users and the range shall be improved regularly to keep up with the needs of the time and technological advancements.

VINI Smart Homes shall bring convenience and power saving to the Indian homes by automating the lighting and its control. Convenience and automation move together like hand in glove. With Smart Homes, Vini Lighting will hand you the control of the entire house hold for its lighting, security and automated control of certain appliances in your house hold.

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