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Underwater lights due to their very application have to highly reliable and robust to withstand the constant usage submerged in water. Vini LED Underwater Lights are made of virgin high purity dies cast Aluminum/Stainless Steel body and highly reliable and efficient high power LEDs. The driver hardware and electronics is highly reliable and stable to compliment the light. The optics used on the lights provides well directed light and diffusion due to water provides the unique lighting quality. These lights come in RGB colours and with DMX control can be used to have constantly changing colour effect.

Power: 9W

Shape: Round

Color: Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow


The underwater lights can be used

  • In fountains for decoration and special effects
  • Swimming pool for lighting
  • Aquariums for decoration and special effects


  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Low power consumption
  • High Efficiency
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance
  • IP 65 Protection

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